IMO海上安全委员会第107次(MSC 107)议题介绍


1. 议程的采纳;资格审查报告

1. Adoption of the agenda; report on credentials

2. IMO其他机构的决定

2. Decisions of other IMO bodies

3. 审议和通过强制性文书修正案

3. Consideration and adoption of amendments to mandatory instruments

4. 基于目标的新船建造标准

4. Goal-based new ship construction standards

5. 制定基于目标的海上自主水面船舶(MASS)文书

5. Development of a goal-based instrument for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS)

6. 制定进一步措施以加强与使用燃油有关的船舶安全

6. Development of further measures to enhance the safety of ships relating to the use of fuel oil

7. 加强海上安全的措施

7. Measures to enhance maritime security

8. 海盗和武装劫持船舶

8. Piracy and armed robbery against ships

9. 不安全的海上混合移民

9. Unsafe mixed migration by sea

10. 综合安全评估

10. Formal safety assessment

11. 货物和集装箱运输(CCC 8报告)

11. Carriage of cargoes and containers (Report of the eighth session of the Sub-Committee)

12. 船舶设计和建造(SDC 9报告)

12. Ship design and construction (Report of the ninth session of the Sub-Committee)

13. 人的因素、培训和值班(HTW 9报告)

13. Human element, training and watchkeeping (Report of the ninth session of the Sub-Committee)

14. 船舶系统和设备(SSE 9报告)

14. Ship systems and equipment (Report of the ninth session of the Sub-Committee)

15. 航行、通信和搜救(NCSR 10的紧急事项)

15. Navigation, communications and search and rescue (Urgent matters emanating from the tenth session of the Sub-Committee)

16. 委员会工作方法的适用

16. Application of the Committee's method of work

17. 工作计划

17. Work programme

18. 选举2024年主席和副主席

18. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair for 2024

19. 其他事项

19. Any other business

20. 审议MSC 107的会议报告

20.Consideration of the report of the Committee on its 107th session